Company profile

Vision and Mission

“There is only one home-the earth”, thinking about not to let it just be a slogan, Li Ming Feng, the chairman of C-LiFe Technology Inc., was the general manager of a large backlight module factory then, but in his mind he always has a desire to take a little responsibility for our home-the earth.

According to data cited by institutions such as the International Energy Agency (IEA), demand in automobiles is expected to reach its peak in 2050, which is two to three times more than current figures.  Our natural resources are not endless. By 2050, in order to maintain the total use of newly mined natural resources at the same level as in 2010, the use rate of recycled materials for each new car shall get to 70%.  Therefore, electric vehicles will play an essential role in the future automotive industry and battery inside the vehicle will be an extremely important key component. Traditional lead-acid batteries are highly pollution and low efficiency.  Lithium iron phosphate battery has features of higher safety, stable voltage platform output, fast charging ability, instant large current discharge, longer cycle life, high energy density, and meet the requirements of green energy hence the environment will not be polluted .  It could be the first choice of power source for electric vehicles.  Under such a crucial energy crisis, the chairman Li met Dr. Yao Song Ting by chance who is a pioneer in power batteries in Taiwan.  Dr. Yao personally owns six patents, published 30 papers and possesses more than 20 years of battery manufacturing experience. (Including lithium cobalt, lithium manganese and lithium iron batteries) More than 15 years of experience in the production and manufacturing of large power lithium iron batteries.  In 2009, he participated in the Nuremberg Invention Exhibition in Germany and won the gold medal of the automobile starter lithium-iron battery module.  With shared values, the two together established C-LiFe Technology Inc.

After years of continuous research and development, C-Life not only possesses solid experience in R&D and manufacturing of lithium iron phosphate batteries, but also develops new products endlessly such as energy storage systems and related products of electric vehicles. These products have obtained numerous international certifications and are applied in people daily life.  In September 2020, C-LiFe was strategic alliance with Taiwan STOBA Electrodes Corp. therefore was authorized legally to use the Industrial Technology Research Institute's "Lithium-ion secondary battery with high current discharge capability" multi-national patents (including the Republic of China patent number I270994) and high-temperature fast-charging material STOBA ® patents to develop and manufacture safer and more efficient lithium iron phosphate batteries.

In order to achieve the goal of non-nuclear homeland in Taiwan by 2025, solar energy and wind power are bound to play essential roles.  Green energy industry and renewable energy will be the focus of government governance; this industry will grow rapidly as well. The core issue is energy storage (electricity storage) technology.  We are committed to the production of environmentally friendly and energy-saving batteries/ modules to put energy-saving and carbon-saving into practice.  We know that only by continuously providing effective energy-saving products to consumers so carbon reduction could put into effect.  This kind of enthusiasm inspires our team to look forward to brainstorming more exciting ideas.  In addition to become a pioneer in environmental protection and energy saving in Taiwan, C-LiFe Technology Inc. is expected to be the pride of Taiwan.

Company History

2009 Sept.

C-Life Technologies, Inc. found and R&D team established at Southern Taiwan Science Park.

2009 Oct.

Participated in the 13rd China International e4 Electronic Expo.

2010 Jan.

Formal mass production.

2010 Dec.

Accredited ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

2011 May.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for new plant at Yong-Kang Technological Industrial Park ,Tainan.

2012 Mar.

Moved to new plant at Yong-Kang Technological Industrial Park.

2012 Aug.

Accredited  ISO/TS 16949 certification.

2012 Dec.

2295H3、2295H4、40138 Model Accredited UL1642 certification.

2014 Feb.

Started to research & develop the starting batteries used in low temperature for vehicle.

2015 Feb.

The development of the battery which was used in low temperature had completed, also in June of the same year, the battery test exceeded the discharge requirements in low temperature of European car manufacturers for starting batteries.

2015 Apr.

Products 2295H3, 2295H4 and 40138 has been accredited with the CNS15364 (102 version) and obtained the product safety mark (Identification No.: R64676) granted by BSMI (Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs). 

2017 Dec.

ITRI testes the charging and discharging performance and charging time of C-LiFe battery, certifies C-LiFe’s technology is above the standard.

2018 Feb.

Accredited UL1973 certification.

2019 Jan.

Customized second-generation batteries for CPC corporation were exhibited at the  opening ceremony of the Chiayi Green Energy Gas Station.

2019 May.

Portable battery Accredited UL1642 certification.

2019 Oct.

Accredited  IATF 16949:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  C-LiFe and Energy Moana Technology Co. exhibited the fast charging system for electric scooters and fast charging lithium iron phosphate battery pack at the China (Jiangsu) International New Energy Electric Vehicle and Parts Fair

2020 Mar.

Achieved the qualified battery supplier for the energy storage system in Changbin Industrial Park  using all MIT materials.

2020 Sept.

Strategic alliance with Taiwan STOBA  Co. thus able to use the patents of Industrial Technology Research Institute "Lithium-ion secondary battery with high current discharge " and high-temperature fast charging material STOBA®.
  Can supply the high-temperature fast-charging battery modules for E-Scooter.

2020 Nov.

Completed the 50KWH energy storage system of  lithium iron battery (10-foot container) at the Taoyuan Jiachang Station of CPC.

2021 May.

Completed the first-generation battery energy storage system design.

2021 Sep.

Cell-27148H6 is accredited by UL1642.

2021 Nov.

Cell-27148H6 is accredited by UN38.3.

2022 Mar.

Completed the second-generation battery energy storage system design.

2022 May.

Cell-27148H6 is accredited by CNS62619 and get the report.

2022 Jun.

Cell-27148H6 is accredited by IEC62619.

2022 Aug.

Our 51.2V100Ah module for energy storage is accredited by IEC62619, and passed the prevention of fire-spreading test.

2022 Sep.

Our 51.2V100Ah module for energy storage is accredited by CNS62619 and get the report.

2022 Dec

Our battery management system(BMS) for energy storage is accredited by IEC60730.
  Our 51.2V100Ah module for energy storage is accredited by UN38.3.
  Our 1024V100Ah Battery Racks for energy storage is accredited by IEC62619.

2023 Jan.

1MWh energy storage system (20ft container) is installed in the C-Life factory.