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Battery Material

  • Material structure and performance
  • Material evaluation
  • Recipe design

Battery Manufacturing

  • Mixing for Nano materials
  • Coating for Nano materials
  • Large format winding and stacking
  • Large format cell production

Battery Design

  • Electrode Recipe design
  • Cell design for larger scale and high power cell
  • Impedance control

Battery Application

  • Module design
  • Battery management design
  • Battery charging with balancing

Lithium iron phosphate is very safe material

LiC0O2 and LiNiO2 are composed by layer structure; therefore, the structure will become unstable after ion detachment, and it is easy to cause the material to collapse if temperature is below 180 degrees.  For LiMn2O4 materials, when the temperature exceeds 60 degrees, it is easy to cause the manganese material to collapse and release.
However, LiFePO4 is an olivine structure, which is stable at high temperature, it will collapse only if the temperature reaches 300 degrees or above.

Performance comparison of various rechargeable batteries

Comparison of various secondary batteries