Company profile

C-LiFe ‘s Competitive Edge

  • The company's quality system has passed high standards of ISO9001/IATF16949.
  • 85% of the material supply chain is in Taiwan. Unlike other series of batteries, prices tend to rise in line with the international situation.
  • Passed a number of international safety standard certifications, high safety.
  • C-LiFe lithium-iron battery can pass the product puncture test whether it is 4P or 8P, which is safer and more reliable than lithium-ternary battery.
  • Cycle life->1C deep discharge>4000 times, 3C charge 1C discharge>3000 times
  • High discharge power -> 17C-20C continuous discharge
  • With 5C fast charging feature -> 7.2 minutes to reach to 80% by using fast charging
  • High temperature storage characteristics ->55℃

1 months (Lasts 24 hours) retention 93.4% recovery 96.5%
3 months (Lasts 24 hours) retention 86.0% recovery 88.9%


  • Power generation and energy storage equipment (large energy storage): wind, solar, fuel cell
  • Residential Energy Storage(small storage): spare power(5/10/15KWH)、Camping Vehicle
  • Electric Vehicle: pure electric, hybrid
  • High Power: E-Tool、Starting for Vehicle
  • Light Electric Vehicle: E-Bike、E-Wheel Chair、E-Scooter