R & D

3C & 4C Charge

C-LiFe’s technology of fast-charge is on the stage of mass production, under different charging rates, the charging capacity can be maintained above 99%.

Customer needs 5C charging technology

The competitiveness of lithium-ion battery fast charging technology by C-LiFe Technology has been able to meet market conditions according to customer needs, and fast-charge technology for 5C is leading among the industry.

3C Charge/1C Discharge cycle life

It is estimated that the cycle life can reach more than 3500 times under 3C charge and 1C discharge, and the capacity of LiFePO4 can be maintained above 80%.

High power discharge

The application of discharge efficiency in power 20Ah LiFePO4 battery can reach maximum to 33C (660A) discharge capacity Max. ≧10sec discharge capacity 26C~33C.

Cycle Life at High Temperature

LiFePO4 is composed by an olivine structure,and the 1C life cycle can reach more than 900 times in a high temperature environment, the capacity can still reach 80% as well.

Storage Characteristics in High Temp

After storage for 3 months in a high temperature environment of 55℃, LiFePO4 capacity decay but still have more than 85%, and after re-activation it, the residual capacity can increase 3% and keep at least 88%.

R & D Capabilities in Starting Power Battery at Low Temperature.

C-Life Technology has professional research and development capabilities in lithium-ion battery. The company and cooperative customers jointly develop low-temperature start-up power battery cells. In response to customer needs in the European market, the dropping voltage can reach to 2.30V or more after 10 seconds of discharge at -18°C SOC 50%/10C.